Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Perky Cat

Late August a dirty, sick, emaciated kitten appeared at my back door. He was frightened and so weak he couldn't run away as I went to pick him up. I attempted to give him food and milk which he tried to consume, but was too weak. I called Doc Lloyd Emond of Country Vet. He said to bring the kitten to him even though it was 7:30 in the evening. Doc took one look at the kitten and said he had never seen an animal in such poor condition and still alive. he said if the kitten made it, he was a real fighter. Doc injected three syringes of fluid plus antibiotics and said to return the next morning if he was still alive. 
Since the kitten was so dirty, due to a severe diarrhea, I brought him to Lori James of PAWS where she promptly gave him a much needed bath. I was now ready to help save this kitten 24/7. 
Doc's persistence with different medications finally paid off. For one week we made daily visits. Thanks to Doc Emond I now have a beautifully handsome kitten who is happy and healthy. His name is Perky! Love, devotion and persistence do pay off. Everyone deserves a chance. 

Thanks Doc,
Lea Bale & Perky