Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Perky Cat

Late August a dirty, sick, emaciated kitten appeared at my back door. He was frightened and so weak he couldn't run away as I went to pick him up. I attempted to give him food and milk which he tried to consume, but was too weak. I called Doc Lloyd Emond of Country Vet. He said to bring the kitten to him even though it was 7:30 in the evening. Doc took one look at the kitten and said he had never seen an animal in such poor condition and still alive. he said if the kitten made it, he was a real fighter. Doc injected three syringes of fluid plus antibiotics and said to return the next morning if he was still alive. 
Since the kitten was so dirty, due to a severe diarrhea, I brought him to Lori James of PAWS where she promptly gave him a much needed bath. I was now ready to help save this kitten 24/7. 
Doc's persistence with different medications finally paid off. For one week we made daily visits. Thanks to Doc Emond I now have a beautifully handsome kitten who is happy and healthy. His name is Perky! Love, devotion and persistence do pay off. Everyone deserves a chance. 

Thanks Doc,
Lea Bale & Perky

Monday, March 28, 2011

Matrix Energetics- a new modality for change

I recently attended a 3 day seminar in Arizona learning about a new modality. It was called Matrix Energetics- the art and science of transformation. You may have been reading about quantum physics which can be very mind blowing from the traditional way we have been taught. Basically the body is made up of light and information at the most basic level and it is possible to manipulate or change events for a different outcome than experienced. Tapping into the field of zero point energy gives access to an infinite set of possibilities for health and healing. By using matrix energetics, a change for the better can be instantaneous or it can be observed over a period of time. Well, as you can see, it get rather mind boggling!!

To put it in a practical sense, it is possible to affect animals for health and wellness using science modality. It is possible to transform them at a distance ( I know I just blew your mind) Think of how your car clicker can open your car door at a distance and you can begin to see how this is possible. So your animal friend can be miles away and transformation is possible. More information is available at www.matrixenergetis.com

So I an excited to offer this as a new service to you working in the field of zero point energy where everything is possible!!

equine vaccines

Now is the season to begin vaccinating your horses in an effort to provide protection against the viral and bacterial agents that commonly affect horses. I recommend the following protocol:

West Nile Virus $16.75/dose

Fluvac 4 $14.25/dose (contains eastern and western encephalitis, tetanus, and equine influenza)

Optional vaccines

Fluvac 5 $22.70 / dose (contains eastern and western encephalitis, tetanus, influenza, and rhinopneumonitis) Best for horses in high exposure circumstances to other horses

Rabies $15.00/dose

Strangles $18.10/dose (intranasal)

Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Interesting Case

This summer I was presented with a dog that tangled with a porcupine.  I t was the worst case I have seen in all my years in veterinary medicine.  He had so many quills in his face that I had a hard time seeing the eye and the inside of his mouth was full of quills.  It took three of us approximately and hour to remove all the quills.